A Visit to a Historical Place

Pakistan is rich in its potential for tourism. There are many places in Pakistan to visit for recreational purposes. Pakistan has been listed among the top ten tourism destinations of the world. Diversity makes Pakistan attractive for tourism. Every year thousands of foreign tourists come to Pakistan to visit northern areas and many historical places in Punjab and Sindh.


Our college organizes a trip to some historical place each year. This is an educational and recreational tour, which allows us to know more about the history of Pakistan. This year our principal announced that we would visit the historical Kartarpur Corridor recently opened for Sikh pilgrims. We had heard about this place through news and social media. We were asked to submit the consent of our parents and the charges for the tour. It was not hard for me to convince my parents when I told them that we would be visiting the Kartarpur Corridor.


On the day of our departure, I arrived at college well before the set time. Our professors and class fellows were already there. After a few minutes, our tour bus also came, and we got into it with great excitement and expectant joy. Our teachers gave us instructions and mandatory precautions about the trip. After a few minutes, the bus started. All the boys were in high spirits, singing songs, telling jokes, and talking excitedly.


We reached Kartarpur at 2.00 PM. We had lunch at the nearest hotel. Then we got our security passes and entered the premises.


Our principal told us about the historical significance of this place for Sikh pilgrims and its strategic importance for Pakistan. Kartarpur was founded in 1515, by Guru Nanak, the first Guru of Sikhism. Many Sikh pilgrims from both India and Pakistan visit this place to pay homage to their spiritual leader.

The Government of Pakistan has renovated this place and constructed a visa-free corridor for the pilgrims coming from India. It is a 4.7 kilometres long corridor which allows Indian Sikh pilgrims from India to visit the place without any visa. Pakistan opened this corridor on 28 November 2018.  We met with many families who came from India. Their faces were glowing with happiness. They were happy to see the arrangements made by the Government of Pakistan.


We left the place around 6 o’clock as it was getting darker. The spiritual solace we felt at that the place cannot be described in words. It was a scene of religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence. We all concluded that saints do not represent a particular set of religious ideologies. They are universal in their character. The historical visit to Kartarpur has become a part of my unconscious memory. It has left a lasting impression on me. Long live the saints!

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