Computer: A blessing or a Curse

Computer is a living miracle that has transported people to a new technological level. It was developed by Charles Babbage in the 19th century. Today, computers have become an integral part of every household and every business. It is estimated that around 80% of the world economy is based on information technology. Computer these days is also misused widely. The increase in cybersecurity crimes has become a challenge for many countries and big technology firms. The modern-day computers come with great benefits and some disadvantages as well. The advantages of computer, however, outweigh its disadvantages.


Firstly, all kinds of business transactions take place on a computer system. The data can be stored and accessed easily from anywhere. The internet technology has now widened the use of computer. Businesses use it to receive orders online and help deliver products at doorsteps.  Students benefit from the computer in several ways. They can learn skills, access information, take exams, and earn money online.


Secondly, computer is used for recreational purposes. It allows us to play online games, watch movies, connect with friends and family, and listen to the music of our choice. Many young adults are earning money by playing online games and creating content on different topics. Moreover, the mini version of computer i.e., the laptop is nowadays is a must-have gadget for people of every field. It can be carried and used anywhere.


Dwelling on the positives of computer will reflect a biased approach. To make it balanced, let us talk about a few negative aspects of computer. The misuse of computer technology can have negative consequences. One of the most lethal weapons in this regard is a cyber-attack. Cyber-attacks are intended to steal vital information and use it against an individual, a company, or even a state. These attacks can be prevented by using and updating antivirus software regularly.


The computer technology has added a new flavour to our monotonous existence. It has lessened the burden of mankind. Handling business, earning money, and enjoying favourite movies and songs was never easier before. The potential risks related to computer technology such as cybercrimes can be prevented by taking preventive measures. In short, the usage of this technology determines its effectiveness or destructiveness.

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