Don’t Lock It Down!

COVID-19 has landed us in an unprecedented situation. Death toll is rising. Economies are staggering. Things have come to a sudden halt. Life seems to have been hushed up.

So how are you living through the quarantine?

Using Facebook? Coming down on the Government for being unwise in handling things? Smarting from financial woes? Feeling queasy from an overdose of news? Longing to go about usual business? Waiting for the lockdown to end….???

Well, we are all in the same boat.

But is that all there is to it?

No, certainly not. The pandemic and the resultant quarantine is time to turn to the Lord to help us find meaning and purpose in life. Time to pause and reflect. Time to turn to things that are locked down by the tyranny of the routines. Time to switch from the urgent to the important. Time to take action rather than wait for things to look up. Time to do what you want to rather than what you have to. Time to re-determine priorities, to re-learn, to reconnect, and to reinvent.

So how would you do this? What are the three most important things you would like to do in spite of the lockdown?

For it’s time to unlock your real potential. Don’t lock it down, please!

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  1. The three things I did during the lock down and am still doing along with my job are:
    1. Buying books and reading them.
    2. Doing painting, calligraphy and coloring.
    3. Spending quality time with my family.

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