The power of asking questions

I was teaching an MDCAT prep class. I wrote an MCQ containing a grammatical problem and invited comments and responses from the class. 

Some of the students came up with their responses right away. Others were reluctant, wanting some encouragement. And there were yet others who were aloof, unwilling to come out of themselves. One of the girls, sitting by the wall, was particularly indifferent. I approached her and asked what she thought of the thing on the whiteboard. She hesitated for a moment and then answered my question.

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Don’t Lock It Down!

COVID-19 has landed us in an unprecedented situation. Death toll is rising. Economies are staggering. Things have come to a sudden halt. Life seems to have been hushed up.

So how are you living through the quarantine?

Using Facebook? Coming down on the Government for being unwise in handling things? Smarting from financial woes? Feeling queasy from an overdose of news? Longing to go about usual business? Waiting for the lockdown to end….???

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