Curbing Child Abuse

One of the most devastating and burning social issues is child abuse. Child abuse is increasing at a rapid rate and exists in developed and underdeveloped nations in any form. There are different forms of child abuse such as physical, emotional, and sexual abuse. These forms of abuse are mostly by the elders relevant or irrelevant to a child. An abused child undergoes an intense series of emotional traumas.


The reasons for child abuse differ in various parts of the world. In our society child labour, sexual abuse, physical assault, and mental pressure on the child are some of the most prevalent forms of child abuse. Child labour is cultivated by unemployment and an increasing rate of poverty. Orphan children are easy victims of child labour. Single mothers are forced to get their child employed on daily wages due to their deplorable financial circumstances.


Recurring reports of sexual assaults and physical abuse are most shocking. Children studying at schools and madrasas are easy victims of these atrocities committed by the teachers and religious clerics. These children undergo a severe emotional and physical pain. Many children do not report such incidents due to fear of consequences.


There are many possible and viable solutions to prevent child abuse. The role of parents in this situation is very important. The parents should encourage their children to report any incident of physical or sexual abuse. They should be friendly to their children and encourage them to share anything without fear and hesitation.


The laws regarding child abuse and child labour must be implemented with full force. The culprits involved in such heinous crimes must not go unpunished. Our criminal justice system should be reformed to ensure that culprits are caught and punished according to the law. Local NGOs working for the rights of children should launch awareness campaigns and seminars to educate people and children about the seriousness of the issue. The cooperation between the government and the private sector can play a vital role in getting the culprits punished.


Furthermore, the government should support single mothers financially so that their children do not end up at workshops or hotels. The workshop and hotel owners should be arrested and punished according to the law if found guilty of employing an underage child. Our children are our future, and we must ensure their safety and wellbeing through using proper and legitimate means.


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