Education for Women

Education plays a pivotal role in the development of society. It is a celebrated pathway to excellence. It removes ignorance and ennobles the soul. It is important for both men and women. Women’s education is considered a crucial factor in the building of an educated society.


The conservatives look down upon the education of women because their biased approach. They do not look upon her as something more than a domestic drudge. They do not realize that children look up to their mothers for their initial learning. An educated woman can put her children on the path of prosperity. A civilized society cannot come into existence by keeping women backward. We have to go the extra mile to educate women, because the future of a nation is linked to the education of the womenfolk.


Developed countries put emphasis on women education. They give equal opportunities to men and women. They have abolished the culture of gender discrimination. Women are coming forward to take part in every field of life. They are leading countries, heading multinational companies, and playing sports at international levels.


Our society differs from the developed countries in this context. There is a shocking disparity between men and women in terms of their literacy rates. Ours is a male dominated society where most of the decisions about the future of women are taken by men. Most of the girls in rural areas are even deprived of the basic level of education and many of the girls do not attend a college for their higher studies. Many educated women are not allowed to do jobs and end up being housewives. This negatively affects the social norms and economic development in the long run.


If we compare our society with developed countries, the major difference we would see is the literacy rate of women. The government needs to take concrete steps to educate women. Women’s education should be made compulsory and free. NGOs should also take initiatives in creating awareness about the importance of women education. This is high time that we understood the importance of women education. It is time to uproot the old gender bias and sow the seeds of a just and partial approach towards  women and their potential for national development.

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