The apple of one’s eye—very dear or favourite person or thing  کسی کی آنکھ کا تارا

Sara is the apple of her father’s eye.

A bad debt—a debt that cannot be recovered وہ قرض جس کی ادایئگی کا امکان نہ ہو

The recent economic crisis has left many banks burdened with bad debts.

A bed of roses—something easy and comfortable پھولوں کی سیج

His new job is by no means a bed of roses.

A bed of thorns—a difficult or painful situationکانٹوں کا بستر

Life is neither a bed of roses nor a bed or thorns—it is a blend of both

A bird’s eye view—an overview سرسری نظارہ

From the top of the building, we had a bird’s eye view of the whole city.

A black sheep—a disreputable member of a group کالی بھیڑ

One black sheep contaminates others.

A blue stocking —a woman who is more interested in intellectual subjects than in feminine thingsایسی خاتون جو گھریلو معاملات سے زیادہ علم و ادب میں دلچسپی رکھتی ہو

A blue stocking may not be a good housewife.

A bolt from the blue—something sudden or unexpected دکھ یا حیرانی کی بات

His sudden death came as a bolt from the blue

A bone of contention—the cause of dispute اختلاف یا جھگڑے کی وجہ

The property left by their father is a bone of contention between the brothers.


A burning question—an important or urgent issue اہم مسؑلہ

Money laundering is a burning question these days.

Child’s play—something that is very easy to do بچوں کا کھیل، انتہائی آسان کام

For him, climbing these mountains is child’s play.

A close-fisted man—unwilling to spend money; a miser کنجوس آدمی

As a boss, he is close-fisted, but as a father, he is quite generous.

A close shave—a narrow escape

A cock and bull story—an absurd story used as an excuse or explanationلایعنی بات، بے سرو پا کہانی

He told his boss some cock and bull story to justify his coming late.

A dark horse—a person whose qualities, abilities are not know; an unexpected winnerچھپا رستم

I did not know he was such a good singer. He is such a dark horse.

A dog in the manger—a person who stops others from enjoying what he cannot useوہ شخص جو نہ کھیلے نہ کھیلنے دے

If you don’t need these tickets, let him use them. Don’t be a dong in the manger.

A fair-weather friend—a friend who leaves you in troubleمطلبی دوست

All his fair-weather friends deserted him when he was in trouble.

  1. A far cry from—very different from بہت مختلف

This apartment is a far cry from the house they had in the country.

A fish out of water—not comfortable or relaxedماہئ بے آب

In the city, the villager felt like a fish out of water.

A gala day—a very special day; a social occasion with special entertainments and performances خصوصی تقریبات کا دن

As Labour Day is a national holiday, it must be regarded as a gala day.


A jack of all trades—a person who can do many different jobs but does not excel in any of themہر فن مولا

He is trying so many different things that he has become a jack of all trades and a master of none.

A jailbird—a person who has been jailed repeatedlyعادی مجرم جو بار بار جیل جاتا ہو

He is a habitual criminal and has spent most of his life as a jailbird.

A man of his word—a man who always keeps his promises وعدے کا پکا

You can safely trust him; he is a man of his word.

An iron will—a strong determinationمضبوط ارادہ

He has an iron will and cannot be discouraged  by failures.

A man of letters—a scholar or authorعلمی و ادبی شخصیت

He is dreaming of a career as a man of letters.

A man of straw—someone with a weak character کمزور کردار والا شخص جس پر بھروسہ نہ کیا جا سکتا ہو

He is a man of straw and does not have the real strength to meet these challenges.

A narrow escape—a lucky escape; an accident that was almost a disaster بال بال بچنا

We were not injured when the car crashed into a tree but it was a narrow escape

A near miss—something that falls just short of success کامیابی کے بالکل قریب ناکامی

She hopes to get into a medical college this year, as her last attempt was a near miss.

A red-letter day—a happy, important and memorable day اہم اور یادگار دن

The day I published my first book was a red-letter day.

A rolling stone—a restless or wandering personڈانواں ڈول، غیر مستقل مزاج شخص

        You must settle down now because a rolling stone gathers no moss.

A rotten egg—a bad person گندہ انڈہ، بُرا شخص

His parents tried hard to reform him, but he turned to be a rotten egg.

A square meal—a large and satisfactory meal بھرپور کھانا

These poor children never seem to get a square meal.

A turncoat—one who changes loyalties; a defectorوفاداریاں بدلنے والا شخص

That politician is a turncoat having changed parties several times.

A white elephant —something that is expensive but uselessسفید ہاتھی

Their new project has turned out to be an expensive white elephant.

A wild goose chase—a false clueغلط سراغ، بےکار کوشش

The false intelligence sent the police party on a wild goose chase and the criminal escaped easily.

Aboveboard—open and honest واضح اور دیانتداری پر مبنی

The deal was open and aboveboard.

Add fuel to the fire—also add fuel to the flame—to make a bad situation worse جلتی پر تیل چھڑکنا

They were going to make peace, but her careless remarks added fuel to fire.

Add insult to injury—make a bad situation worse تکلیف یا دکھ میں مزید اضافہ کرنا

The workers were forced to work on Sundays, and to add insult to injury, the company refused to pay the bonuses.

After one’s heart—having the same interests and tastes ہم مزاج

        He likes classical music and I like classical music, too. He is a man after my own heart.


All and sundry—everyone ہر خاص و عام

The new law will affect all and sundry.

All at sea—confused; uncertain الجھن یا تذبذب کی حالت میں

He was completely at sea as to how to answer the question.

All in all—on the wholeمجموعی طور پر

We had face some difficulties, but all in all it was a good trip.

Alpha and omega—the essential element بنیادی عنصر

The alpha and omega of his political campaign is more spending on education.

An apple of discord—the cause of contentionباعثِ اختلاف

Their father’s property is the apple of discord between the two brothers.

An oily tongue—flatteryخوشامد، چرب زبانی

        Do not be taken in by his oily tongue.

An open secret—something that is supposed to be a secret but is widely knownکھلا راز

It is an open secret that some politicians have a nexus with terrorists.

An uphill task—a challenging taskمشکل کام

Bringing about judicial reforms would be an uphill task.

Animal spirits—liveliness and vigor توانائی، جوش و خروش

The children were romping around, full of animal spirits.

In apple-pie order—well organized; neatly arranged باترتیب

    Everything in her room was in apple-pie order.

As cool as a cucumber—(also cool as a cucumber)—calm and relaxedگھبراہٹ اور پریشانی سے پاک

Everyone was confused and disturbed, but he remained as cool as a cucumber.

At a loss—confused and not knowing what to say or do گھبراہٹ اور تذبذب کی حالت میں

He is at a loss to understand what had happened.

At daggers drawn—bitterly hostile; at war دشمن

    They were business partners once, but now they are at daggers drawn.

At large—escaped or not yet captured مفرور، جو ابھی گرفتار نہ ہوا ہو

The criminal is still at large.

At last—or at long last—in the end; finallyآخر کار

I am glad you have got your dream job at last.

At sixes and sevens—in a state of confusion or difficultyغیر یقینی اور تذبذب کی حالت میں

    The pandemic has left many business owners at sixes and sevens.

At the eleventh hour—at the latest possible time آخری لمحے میں

    The student turned in her assignment at the eleventh hour.

At hand—near; within reach قریب، آسانی سے دستیاب

Help is always at hand if you need it.

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