Bad blood—bitterness and hostilityعداوت، دشمنی

There has been a lot of bad blood between the brothers since the division of their father’s property.

Bag and baggage—with all one’s belongings; completelyبوریا بسترسمیت

He left the city bag and baggage.

Beat about the bush—to talk about something without coming to the point ادھر اُدھر کی ہانکنا

Don’t beat about the bush and tell me plainly what you think of my suggestion

Bell the cat—take the leading part in something risky or difficult بلی کے گلی میں گھنٹی باندھنا

They agreed to complain to the principal, but no one was willing to bell the cat.

Better half—wife or husband بیوی یا شوہر

    He has no say at all—his better half decides everything for him.

Between two fires—between two attacks

When the mother quarreled with her daughter-in-law, the son was caught between two fires.

Blow hot and cold—keep changing one’s mind or opinion; waverکبھی تولہ کبھی ماشہ، متلون مزاجی کا مظاہرہ کرنا

             It is hard to tell what he wants—he keeps blowing hot and cold.

Blue blood—a member of an upper-class family اونچے طبقے کا فرد

This club is meant for the city’s blue bloods.

Bosom friend—a very close friend and confidantقریبی دوست، ہمراز

He is my bosom friend and I can confide everything in him.

Bread and butter—means or sustenance; livelihoodروزی، ذریعہ معاش

He earns his bread and butter as a freelance writer.

Break the ice—to start a conversation; to get over initial reserve بات چیت میں پہل کرنا

They came to talk on the issue, but no one was willing to break the ice.

Break the news—to tell someone bad newsبُری خبر دینا

        No one had the heart to break the news of his death to the family.


Bring to book—punishسزا دینا

The thieves were final tracked down and brought to book.

Bring to light—reveal something hidden or secret منظر عام پر لانا

             His research has brought to light some interesting facts about the leader’s life.

Burn one’s fingers—suffer a lossنقصان اٹھانا

You will burn your fingers if you invest in this scheme.

Burn the midnight oil— study or work until late in the night رات دیر تک پڑھائی یا کام کرنا

    Many students burn the midnight oil when the examination is at hand.


Bury the hatchet—end a quarrel and become friends againعداوت ترک کردینا

After fighting for months, the two families buried the hatchet and became friends again.

By and large—on the wholeمجموعی طور پر

By and large, the show was well worth the money.

By fits and starts—irregularly or inconsistentlyبےقاعدگی سے یا رُک رُک کر کام کرنا

    You will never accomplish anything if you work by fits and starts.

By hook or by crook—by any possible meansہر ممکن طریقے سے

    He wants to win the election, by hook or by crook.

By leaps and bounds—very rapidlyدن دوگنی رات چوگنی

Their new business is going up by leaps and bounds.

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