Call a spade a spade—to say something in a straightforward mannerسیدھی اور کھری بات کرنا

He is honest and straightforward and calls a spade a spade.


Call into question—to cast doubt about something شک کرنا

No one can call his honesty into question.

Call names—to insult someone by offensive namesگالی دینا، بُرے ناموں سے پکارنا

It is immoral to call people names.

Capital punishment—death sentence سزائے موت

Many countries have abolished capital punishment.

Carry the day—to be victorious or successfulجیتنا، فتح حاصل کرنا

Despite strong opposition, the ruling party carried the day.

Carry weight—to be important and influentialاہمیت یا اثر و رسوخ رکھنا

His opinions carry a lot of weight with the party.

A casting vote—the deciding vote by the chairperson to end a deadlock فیصلہ کن ووٹ

A casting vote of the chairperson decided the issue.


A cat’s paw—a person used by another as a tool آلہؑ کار

The poor young man became a cat’s paw of the influential criminal.

Catch red-handed—catch someone in the course of wrongdoing رنگے ہاتھوں پکڑنا

    The police caught the thief red-handed.

Cheek by jowl—very close to each otherبالکل قریب، ساتھ ساتھ

In the crowded bus, people stood cheek by jowl.

Come of age—become legally an adult; turn eighteen اٹھارہ سال کا ہونا

Their son will come to age next year.

Come to an end—stop or end; finishختم ہو جانا

The strike has finally come to an end.


Come to light—to become known منظر عام پر آنا

        Some new facts have come to light because of the investigation.

Crocodile tears—hypocritical show of sorrowدکھاوے کے آنسو

They never visited him when he was ill, but came to his funeral to shed crocodile tears.

Cry for the moon—to ask for something difficult or impossible to attend ناممکن چیز کی خواہش کرنا

The labourers are asking for a fair wage; they are not crying for the moon.


Cut a sorry figure—make a poor impressionبُرا تاثر چھوڑنا، گھبرا جانا

    He cut a sorry figure at the interview.

Cast pearl before swine—give something valuable to someone who does not know its worthبھینس کے آگے بین بجانا

        Reciting Ghalib’s poetry to them is like casting pearls before swine.

Come to blows—start fightingمارکٹائی پر اُتر آنا

    After abusing each other, they came to blows.

Curry favour—to seek favour by flattery خوشامد سے کام لینا

    He is trying to curry favour with the new boss.

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