Eat humble pie—to admit that one was wrongاپنے مؤقف کے غلط ہونے کا اعتراف کرنا

The scheme proved a huge success and its critics had to eat humble pie.

Eat one’s words—to retract a statementاپنے الفاظ واپس لینا

        When the public was outraged, the minister had to eat his words.

End in smoke—to come to nothingناکام ہونا، بےکار ثابت ہونا

        All his plans ended in smoke.


Every inch—in every way; thoroughlyمکمل، سر تا پا

             He is every inch a democrat.


Eyewash— deception; mere showدھوکہ، محض دکھاوا

    The investigation was an eyewash—none of the offenders was punished.

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