Face the music—to receive punishment or face the consequencesخمیازہ بھگتنا

    If you lie in the court, you will have to face the music.

Fair and square—in an honest and fair mannerجائز اور منصفانہ طور پر

He won the election fair and square.


Fair play—fair and equal treatment of all concernedتمام فریقین سے برابری کا سلوک

    Our legal system is lacking in fair play.

The fair sex—womenخواتین، صنفِ نازک

In the past, the participation of the fair sex in sports was not appreciated.

Fall prey to—to be harmed or affected by something badکا شکار ہونا

    Many countries have fallen prey to terrorist activities in recent years.

Fall flat—fail to achieve a desired effectبے اثر ثابت ہونا

All his jokes fell flat—no one laughed.

A feather in one’s cap—an achievement worthy of prideقابل فخر کارنامہ، اعزاز

        Earning a full scholarship to the university is quite a feather in her cap.

Few and far between—scarce; infrequentشاذ و نادر

In a third world country, good hospitals are few and far between.

Find fault with—criticize unfairly and frequentlyکیڑے نکالنا، بےجا تنقید کرنا

        He finds fault with everything I do.

Have a finger in the pie—to take interest or interfereدلچسپی لینا، مداخلت کرنا

He is always eager to have a finger in the pie whenever we are planning an event.

Flesh and blood—humans; people انسان

        This noise is more than flesh and blood could stand.

A fly in the ointment—something that spoils the joy of something رنگ میں بھنگ

        It was a great party, but he was a fly in the ointment.

For good—permanently; foreverہمیشہ کے لیے

He has left the country for good.

French leave—unauthorized absence from dutyبلا اجازت رُخصت

His boss punished him for taking French leave.

Live from hand to mouth—to have barely enough to live on مشکل سے گزارہ کرنا

    These poor people live from hand to mouth.

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