Get wind of—to hear about something secretکسی راز یا منصوبے کی خبر مل جانا

    Make sure that nobody gets wind of our plans.

The gift of the gab—the ability to talk fluently and persuasivelyگفتگو کا فن

To be a successful salesman you need the gift of the gab.

Give and take—compromise or cooperationباہمی تعاون اور سمجھوتہ

    A happy relationship involves a lot of give and take.

Give the devil his due—to acknowledge the good in someone you don’t like

Give vent to—to express strong anger or sadnessغصے یا دکھ کا اظہار کرنا

    The meeting allowed the members to give went to their frustrations.

Go to the dogs—deteriorate; go to ruinابتر ہونا، تباہی کی طرف گامزن ہونا

    The economy is going to the dogs.

To be hand in glove with—work closely in a secret or illegal way ملی بھگت سے کام کرنا

        The gangsters are hand in glove with the police.


Go to pieces—decline; deteriorate ابتر یا زوال پزیر ہونا

        Under the new government, the economy is going to pieces.

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