In a fix—in a difficult or embarrassing situation مشکل یا الجھن میں

        She was really in a fix when she lost her cellphone.

In a nutshell—concisely; in a few words مختصراً، کم سے کم الفاظ میں

    I do not want the details—just tell me the story in a nutshell.

In black and white—in writing or in print تحریری شکل میں

    I want this agreement in black and white

In cold blood—without any pitبے رحمی سے

    He killed them in cold blood.

In keeping with—in harmony with ہم آہنگ، موزوں

    His actions are not in keeping with his words.

In spite of —regardless of; despite کے با وجود

        He continued in spite of opposition.

Up in the air—uncertain;not yet decided غیر حتمی، غیر یقینی

Our holiday plans are still up in the air. 

In the nick of time —at the last possible momentآخری لمحے میں، عین وقت پر

        The patient’s life was saved in the nick of time.

In the teeth of—in spite ofکے با وجود

    He succeeded in spite of strong opposition.


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