A maiden speech—a parliamentarian’s first speech in the parliamentدستور ساز اسمبلی میں کسی رکن کی پہلی تقریر

The young parliamentarian made an outstanding maiden speech.

Make both ends meet—to have just enough money to live onمشکل سے گزارہ کرنا

    These poor people are finding it hard to make both ends meet.

Make fun of—ridicule, tease, or mockمذاق اُڑانا
The other boys made fun of him for wearing such funky shoes.

Make good—to make compensation for تلافی کرنا

             He is willing to make good the loss.

Make headway—make progress آ گے بڑھنا ، ترقی کرنا

The Government has not made any headway in attracting foreign investment.


Make one’s mark—to achieve success or fameنام پیدا کرنا

    He has made his mark as an actor.


Mark time—wait idly for something to happenاچھے وقت کا انتطار کرنا

     He is just marking time until he gets a job.


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