Importance of Muslim Unity

It is an evergreen proverb that unity is strength. The more united a nation is, the stronger it will be to face the challenges. There are 50 countries in the world with Muslims in the majority. Muslim countries of the Middle East are rich in natural resources, crude oil being the most abundant entity. Pakistan is the only country with nuclear weapons in the Muslim world.


Despite being rich and powerful, Muslims around the world are labelled as terrorists and extremists. Many parts of the Muslim world are facing persecution and discrimination. Kashmir and Palestine are the prime examples of these persecutions. Kashmir is a disputed territory between India and Pakistan while Palestine is under the occupation of Israel. The oppressors are backed economically and diplomatically by the superpowers. The oppressed communities, on the other hand, get only moral support from a few Muslim countries.


Another challenge faced by Muslim countries is blasphemous content being produced in the world. The non-Muslims openly defame our respected Prophet and our book the Holy Quran. These acts of blasphemy are called freedom of speech by their governments and no action is taken against the offenders. This incites anger among Muslims and forces them to take extreme measures which further damages the image of the Muslim community. The Muslim leaders only rely on formal protests which most of the time go in vain.


The above-mentioned challenges are just a few of the many faced by the Muslims in the world. These issues have been there, unresolved and challenging, for decades due to lack of unity among Muslim countries. The Muslims should be united under the banner of OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation). The powerful Muslim countries must realize the miseries of their fellow Muslims and should take concrete steps to alleviate things. Muslim countries through unity can take a firm stance against the oppression of Kashmiris and Palestinians. These countries must boycott oppressors financially and diplomatically. Many of the countries in the world rely on petroleum products produced in the Middle East countries. If the export of these products is halted or minimized, it can bring many countries down to their knees.


Through unity, Muslim countries can convey a strong message to the world about the disrespect of our Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran. Our leaders must use international forums to highlight the character and teachings of the Holy Prophet and the Holy Quran. Our survival and dignity only lie in unity which will abolish the culture of oppression of Muslims and contempt of our religious personalities.

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