Life in a Big City

The lack of basic facilities of life in villages makes people move to a big cities. In the contemporary era of modern inventions, big cities have become attractive destinations for many people to migrate. There are various reasons for people to move to cities. Some people come here to find better jobs while others turn to big cities for their educational facilities. life in a big city has its own pros and cons but its advantages outweigh the disadvantages.


Life in a big city has so much to offer. The government is making every possible effort to bring ease into the lives of people living in bigger cities. These facilities range from better housing conditions to a better business environment. People enjoy the uninterrupted flow of electricity, gas, and clean water at their houses. There is a proper system for drainage and waste management. The electricity lights are installed in every street, which lessens the chances of street lifting. The public transport services are luxury and affordable for everyone. Security of the people is of paramount importance for which CCTV cameras are installed on every road and in high-security zones.


Life in a big city also provides various sources of amusement for people. There are state-of-the-art shopping malls, which offer a variety of foods, beverages, cinemas, play zones for kids, and opportunities for shopping under the same roof. These shopping malls also have created massive job opportunities for people. A person can easily carry out his business in foolproof security. The hoteling industry in bigger cities is one of the most lucrative businesses, offering people with many numerous job opportunities. The people coming from other cities and foreign tourists can enjoy all the luxuries of life in a hotel built on international standards.


Apart from all the benefits that the city life offers, it also has some disadvantages. Air pollution and noise pollution are the prominent pitfalls of the city life. The government should not allow people to build industries in or around residential areas. The smoke coming out of vehicles also adds to the already existing problem. Such vehicles should not be permitted an entry to cities and a heavy fine should be imposed on those driving them.


Finally, life in a big city offers excitements, a sense of security, medical and educational provision.  These benefits can be increased further by controlling the menaces threatening the peace of living in bigger cities.

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