My Aim in Life

“A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder.”

                                                                                  Thomas Carlyle


Having a clear and concise aim in life is of paramount importance. It enables a person to set to achieve something in life. Spending a purposeless life only leads to a series of failures and disappointments. A person should spend some time to explore his real potential and set a goal in life.


Like many successful people, I also have an aim in my life. I want to be a teacher. I discovered this potential during my high school days. I used to help my younger siblings in their elementary classes with their homework and help them understand the complex problems of mathematics. I also started teaching a group of deserving children from the neighbouring houses. These children were unable to pay their extra coaching. I started teaching them for free. Given my prior experience of helping my siblings with their homework, I could easily understand that I could do well in this field. The feedback from my siblings and other children was always encouraging. It gave me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment.


I have once discussed my idea of being a teacher with my father. He was helpful in this regard and encouraged me to pursue my passion. He told me that teaching is one of the most pious professions among all. A teacher is regarded an architect of a new generation. He guides his students in the right direction and empowers them to distinguish between what is wrong and what is right.


Being a teacher will enable me to closely observe my students and understand their problems. The student-teacher interaction is not necessarily limited to academics only. It goes far beyond courses and exams.  A teacher can teach his students to find a higher purpose in life, to set goals, and to achieve them. He can teach the how to get over disappointments, face challenges, and stay positive in the pursuit of their goals.


Being a teacher will also allow me to get to know about the structural flaws in our educational system. We are not even close to other nations when it comes to education. The shortcomings in our educational paradigm are the biggest impediments to growth and progress.  These problems, if understood well, can be resolved by following the parameters set by international educational bodies.

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