My Hobby

Hobbies are an essential part of living a pleasant and healthy life. These are things that we do in our spare time—for love, not for compulsion. Hobbies are great distractions from the hustle and bustle of life to get some time for ourselves. Hobbies make us learn about the things we are interested in and further instigate us to get connected to what we love. Hobbies help expand our knowledge and skills about a particular thing or activity.


We are living in a highly competitive world. We do not usually manage to spare some moments for ourselves. This is the reason that we need to get engaged in an activity which we love to do and feel pleased even thinking about it. Engaging in a healthy activity helps our minds to grow and help us release mental stress as well. A life without a hobby is boring and adds more to our mental stress and personal problems.


My favourite hobby is painting and drawing. I realised this thing in my early days at school. I used to spend hours drawing differing things. I used to spend my holidays making drawings of different things present in nature. My parents realized my intense interest and potential and supported me to every extent. My father used to buy me colours, pencils, and drawing boards, etc. My drawing teacher at school was also very helpful. She was outstanding in sketching and painting.


Drawing and painting also became a source of my income when I started selling my pieces online. I started earning a little cash by selling my drawings. I also got very encouraging feedback from the costumers. My elder brother helped me in selling my pieces online. This motivated me further to improve my skills. I am now planning to get admission to an arts college where I can learn and take my skills to a higher level.


I start drawing and sketching whenever I get time from my studies and busy routine. It helps me to stay connected to my passion and gives me a lot of creative pleasure whenever I finish a new drawing. It has become a source of income and pleasure as well. I aim to use my skills to enhance awareness about our social issues and help people to get their voices heard at higher levels.

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