Phrasal Verbs


Get over—overcome قابو پانا

You have to get over many hurdles achieve your goals.

Get up—stand up اُٹھنا، کھڑے ہونا

Everyone got up when the chief guest came in.

Give away—give for free مفت تقسیم کرنا، بانٹنا

    The publishing company gave away one hundred copies of the book.

Give in—surrender ہتھیار ڈالنا، ہار مان لینا

The rebels were forced to give in.

Give out—announce اعلان کرنا

The date of the examination will be given out soon.

Give up—stop doing something ترک کردینا

He has given up smoking.

Go back on/upon—fail to keep a promise وعدہ پورا نہ کرنا

I hope you will not go back on your promise.

Go by—pass گزرنا

As the years went by, he grew wiser.


Go off—to be fired; explode بم کا پھٹنا یا بندوق وغیرہ کا اچانک چل جانا

The gun went off by accident.

Go over—examine carefully بغور جائزہ لینا

She went over her report again and discovered several mistakes.

Go through—to experience a difficulty or problem مشکل وغیرہ سے گزرنا

She has gone through many hardships in life.

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