Pollution is the contamination of the atmosphere through the discharge of harmful substances. The uncivilized nations make the existence of the whole world miserable by polluting the atmosphere. The whole world community should understand the importance of living together peacefully in liveable conditions. If the earthly beings will make the world a practical wasteland by discharging harmful substances in the laboratory, it could potentially damage the psychological health of all the people of the world. Therefore, the psychological health of the world should not be jeopardized by adding pollutants in the atmosphere.


The dominant types of pollution are Air, Water, Land, and noise. Unfortunately, man has made considerable progress in the field of medicine, science, and technology, but he has not evolved as a moral species. The primitive mentality of humans can be seen by the way they conduct themselves in the world. Although big scientific laboratories are set up to make weapons of destruction, a proper mechanism is still not adopted to waste the harmful substances. This attitude culminates in massive pollution. The callous behaviour of human beings needs to change now.


Air and Water pollution is the focal point here. The presence of harmful substances in the air includes carbon monoxide, methane, sulphur dioxide. These substances are a big risk factor for diseases linked with pollution. People develop respiratory diseases, lung diseases, infections, and fatal heart disease as a result of air pollution. Similarly, throwing waste products into rivers, lakes, and streams puts life at stake. If people drink unclean water, their bodies become vulnerable to major diseases. It shows the insensitive side of the modern man.


The public health is threatened due to land and noise pollution. Dumping solid waste and rubbish on the land is a breeding ground for rats, mosquitoes, and flies. Once the soil and groundwater are contaminated, it produces foul smell and pollutes the atmosphere. It adds to the collective misery of all the inhabitants of the world. Noise pollution refers to outdoor noise created by big machines, loud music, electrical generators, and explosions. It creates sleeplessness, high-stress levels, hearing loss and mood swings in individuals.


We all need to revisit our lifestyle and act as a truly scientific spirit who brings order to the disorderly world of today.

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