Charge with باقاعدہ طور پر الزام عاید کرنا

He was charged with murder.

Consent to رضامند ہونا

He finally consented to the proposal

Call in مدد یا خدمت کے لیے بلانا

Call in a doctor, please.

Call for تقاضا کرنا

The situation calls for prompt action.

Care for دیکھ بھال کرنا، نگہداشت کرنا

She stays home to care for her elderly parents.

Care about پرواہ کرنا

I do not care about his actions any more.

Carry on جاری رکھنا

Carry on the good work

Carry out تعمیل کرنا

He carried out the instructions from his boss.


Catch at پکڑنے یا تھامنے کی کوشش کرنا

A drowning man catches at a straw.

Caution About/againstخبردار کرنا، نتبیہ کرنا

I cautioned him about/against making a hasty decision.

Collaborate with, Cooperate withتعاون کرنا، مل کر کام کرنا

She collaborated with me in writing this book.

They will continue to cooperate with each other.


Collided with ٹکرانا 

A car collided with a van in thick fog.

Come across اتفاقاً ملاقات ہونا

I came across an old friend on my way to the market.

Come of  تعلق ہونا

She comes of a rich family.

Compete with, for Compete مقابلہ کرنا

The two players are competing with each other for the championship.

Complain to (someone) about (something)شکایت کرنا

Many customers have complained to the manager about the misbehavior of the staff.


Comprise, be comprised of مشتمل ہونا

The class is comprised of 40 students.

The class comprises 40 students. (No preposition)

Concentrate on یکسوئی سے کام کرنا، مرکوز کرنا

The noise did not allow me to concentrate on my work.

 Concern about/overتشویش، پریشانی

The speakers expressed concern about/over the falling standards of education.

Concerned about/forپریشان، فکرمند

His parents are concerned about/for his health.

  1. Confide to کسی کو کوئی راز بتانا

She confides all her secrets to her best friend.

Confide in  بھروسہ کرنا، ہمراز بنانا

As sisters, they have always confided in each other.

Confident of پر اعتماد

He is confident of his success.

Confidence in اعتماد

I have confidence in his ability to finish the project in time.

Comply withپابندی کرنا

They were fined for not complying with the regulations.

Confuse something with something خلط ملط کرنا

Do not confuse quantity with quality.


Congratulate onمبارکباد دینا

I congratulated her on her success in the examination.

Consists of مشتمل ہونا

The book consists of 12 chapters.

Consists inمنحصر ہونا

Happiness consists in contentment.

Contented with مطمئن، قانع

He is contented with his life.

Convince someone of something قائل کرنا

He could not convince the judge of his innocence.

Norma could not convince Arthur to accept Mr. Steward’s offer.

Cope withنمٹنا

Unemployment is hard to cope with.

Covered with/in ڈھانپنا

She covered the meat with a layer of foil.

The car was completely covered in/with dust.

Cure of (verb)علاج کرنا

The doctors cured her of her illness.

Cure for (noun)علاج

There is still no cure for cancer.

Cause for    وجہ، جواز

I have no cause for complain

Cause of وجہ، سبب

There are many causes of famine.

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