Disapprove of ناپسند کرنا

Mr. Chips disapproved of modernity.

Deaf to something مشورے یا نصیحت کی پرواہ نہ کرنے والا

He was deaf to my advice.

Deal with نمٹنا، سلوک کرنا

She does not know how to deal with people.

Deal in تجارت کرنا، کاروبار کرنا

He deals in old cars.

Dedicate something to something وقف کردینا

He dedicated his life to helping the poor.

Devote something to something وقف کردینا

He devoted his life to serving his family.

Devotion to something لگن، وابستگی

He is respected for his devotion to the cause of the homeless.

Demand (verb) مطالبہ کرنا

The labourers are demanding a pay rise. (No preposition)

Demand (noun)مطالبہ

Their demand for a pay rise was refused.

Depend on/upon انحصار کرنا

You can always depend on him in a crisis.


Dependent onمنحصر ہونا

She is dependent on her parents.

Rely on, Bank on, Count on بھروسہ کرنا، انحصار کرنا

  • Rely on your own resources.
  • You can bank on him for support.
  • We can count on his help.

Deprived of

He was deprived of his property.


Desire (verb)خواہش کرنا

We all desire health and happiness.

Desire for (noun)خواہش، آرزو

She has a strong desire for fame.

Desirous ofخواہشمند

She is desirous of going abroad.

Long for something, Yearn for خواہش کرنا

  • I long for his friendship.
  • They yearn for
  • He sometimes yearns to be alone

Despair of کسی سے مایوس ہو جانا

The victims despaired of ever being rescued.

Destined to قسمت میں لکھا ہونا

He was destined for a successful career.

He was destines to become a musician.

Differ from مختلف ہونا

American English differs from British English in pronunciation.

Differ with مختلف رائے رکھنا

I differ with you on this point.



Disappointed in someone کسی کے رویے سے مایوس ہونا

I am disappointed in you—I really thought I could trust you!

Disappointed of at/aboutکسی بات پر مایوس ہونا

We were deeply disappointed at/about the result

Discriminate between دو چیزوں کے درمیان امتیاز کرنا

He could not discriminate between the two voices.


Discriminate againstامتیازی سلوک کرنا 

This policy discriminates against women.

Disgusted with متنفر

I am disgusted with his behaviour

Displeased with کسی بات پر نا خوش یا ناراض

Her mother is displeased with her grades.

Dispose of  بیچ دینا

He has disposed of all his property.

Divide intoتقسیم کرنا

The teacher divided the class into six groups.

Dressed in ملبوس

She was dressed in white.

Decorate with سجانا

She decorated the room with flowers and balloons.

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