Eligible for, Fit for اہل، موزوں

He is not eligible for this post.

He is fit for the post.

Encroach on/upon حد سےتجاوز کرنا، مداخلت کرنا

Do not encroach on my family life.

Engage to منگنی ہونا

She was engaged to a doctor.

Engage to منگنی ہونا

She was engaged to a doctor.

Enter (No preposition) کسی عمارت وغیرہ کے اندر جانا

He entered the building reluctantly.  

Enter into کسی مکالمے یا مباحثے میں شامل ہونا

They enter into a debate.

Enter for کسی مقابلے میں حصہ لینا

He entered for the competition and won a prize.

Entrust to, Entrusted with سپرد کرنا، سونپنا 

The project was entrusted to him.

He was entrusted with the project.

Exception to استثنیٰ، چھُوٹ

There are exceptions to grammar rules.

Exchanged something for something دو چیزوں کا تبادلہ کرنا

He exchanged his car for another.


Expect of/from توقع رکھنا

This kind of behaviour is not expected from a teenager.

That is not the sort of behaviour I expect of you.

Essential to/for

Water is essential for/to living things.

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