Get over قابو پانا

She cannot get over her fear.

Get on with کسی سے خوشگوار تعلق رکھنا

They are getting along well with their neighbours.

Get over قابو پانا

He is getting over his financial difficulties.

Give away  بانٹنا، تقسیم کرنا

He gave away all his property to the poor.

Give up ترک کردینا

Do not give up your efforts.


Give in ہار مان لینا، گھٹنےٹیکنا

Do not give in to their demands.

Glad about/of something کسی بات پر خوش

  • We are glad about his success in the exam.
  • W are glad of your company.
  • I am glad to meet you.

Good at, clever at, weak in

  • She is good at
  • She is clever at
  • She is weak in


Greed for something لالچ، طمع

He has greed for power.

Greedy for something لالچی

He is greedy for power.

Guilty of  مجرم

He was found guilty of murder.

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