Lack of کی کمی

The accused was released due to lack of evidence.

Late for, Late from

He was late for school this morning.

He was late from school this morning.

Lean on, Lean against جھکنا، سہارا لینا

The old man walked slowly, leaning on his stick.

He leaned against the wall.

Leave for کسی کام کے لیے جانا

What time do you leave for work?

Liking for پسندیدگی

She has a liking for classical music.

Listen to, hear about, hear from

He is listening to the news. غور سے سننا 

I have heard about him a lot. کسی کا تذکرہ سننا

I have not heard from her for ages.کسی کا خط، پیغام، یا فون وغیرہ موصول ہونا

Live on, Live forکسی چیز پر گزر بسر کرنا

He lives on his father’s money.

He lived for his country.کسی کے لیے زندہ رہنا

Long for / to do = yearn خواہش کرنا

He is longing to go abroad.

He longs for a car.

Look after دیکھ بھال کرنا

She is paid to look after the children.

Look down upon حقیر سمجھنا

Do not look down upon the poor.

Look for تلاش کرنا

What are you looking for?

Look forward toبےچینی سے انتظار کرنا

We are looking forward to the results.


Look into تفتیش کرنا

A special committee is looking into the case

Look at دیکھنا

She was looking at an old picture.

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