Prevent from روکنا

His illness prevented him from going to the party.

Prevent from روکنا

His illness prevented him from going to the party.

Plot against سازش کرنا

Some military officers plotted against the government.

He is not willing to part with his wealth.

Part from کسی شخص سے جدا ہونا

He is not willing to part from his loved ones.


Particular about بہت محتاط

She is very particular about her clothes.

Pass by پاس سے گزرنا

I passed by the supermarket on my way home.

Pass away انتقال کر جانا

Her uncle passed away this morning.

Pass on پعغام یا اطلاع دوسروں تک پہنچانا

She passed the message on to other students

Pay for قیمت ادا کرنا

How much did you pay for the tickets?

Popular with/among مقبول، پسندیدہ

The pop star is popular with/among teenagers.

Prefer to ترجیح دینا

She prefers coffee to tea.

Preferable قابل ترجیح

Health is preferable to wealth.

Prejudice against, Bias againstتعصب

I have no prejudice against people with different religious beliefs.

Presided at/over صدارت کرنا

Who will preside at/over the meeting?

Proficient in, Well versed in ماہر، طاق

He is proficient in English.

He is well versed in English.

Protest againstکسی چیز کے خلاف احتجاج کرنا

People are protesting against the new tax.

Proud of غرور یا فخر کرنے والا

Della was proud of her beautiful hair.

Provide for کفالت کرنا

He has five children to provide for.

Provide against مشکل یا مصیبت کے لیے پیشگی تیاری کرنا

Health insurance provides against loss of income through illness or accident.

Provide somebody with something مہیا کرنا

He provided us with a lot of useful information

Part with کسی چیز سے جدا ہونا


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