Abide by پابندی کرنا

We must abide by the rules.

Abound in/with کثرت سے ہونا

This river abounds in/with fish.

Fish abound in this river.

Absolve of/from بری کرنا

The investigation absolved him of/from blame.

Acquit of بری کرنا، بےگناہ قرار دینا

He was acquitted of murder.

Absorbed in منہمک ہونا

He was absorbed in his work.

Abstain from پرہیز کرنا

He abstained from smoking all his life.

Avoid (No Preposition)گریز کرنا

You should avoid going there alone.

Accede to مان لینا

She acceded to my request.

Account for جواب دہ ہونا

You must account for your actions.

Accuse of الزام لگانا

The servant was accused of stealing money.

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