Reason for وجہ

There are several reasons for his failure.


Refrain from باز رہنا

Many members refrained from voting.

Rejoice at خوش ہونا

Rejoice in

Rejoice over

They rejoiced at/in/over the news of his safe return

Remind of یاد دلانا

Let me remind you of your promise.

Repent of گناہ پر پچھتانا، توبہ کرنا

He repented of his sins.

Respect (verb) احترام کرنا

I respect all my teachers. (No preposition)

Respect for (noun) احترام

I have great respect for my teachers.

Regard for (noun) احترام

I have great regard for my teachers.

Resulted in منتج ہونا

The change of policy has resulted in nothing.

Run after پیچھا کرنا

The policeman ran after the thief.

Rut out of ختم ہوجانا

They have run out of money.

Run over کچل دینا

A car ran over a puppy.

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