Science and Society

Science has considerably raised the standards of life, but it has endangered the existence of humankind, too. People hold conflicting opinions about science. To some, it is a boon; to others, it is a bane. But it is a double-edged sword. For example, the atomic energy can be utilized for constructive purposes to meet the energy requirements of the world. On the other hand, it can bring destruction on a massive scale, leaving many people dead.


Science has revolutionized the lives of people. It has changed their mental framework altogether. Firstly, information technology is the great invention of science which has entirely reshaped our lives. It has drastically reduced or even eliminated the physical distances and brought people closer. A person can get in touch with his family, friends. colleagues, and conduct online meetings, etc. Furthermore, moving money from one place to another place was never easy before. We can transfer money to any country within no time. It sometimes costs nothing or very little, in contrast to traditional methods of money transfer.


The greatest wonder of science is the advancement in the medical industry. Fatal diseases such as cancer, brain tumour, malaria, respiratory illnesses, and diarrhoea, etc. can be cured through medicine or surgery depending on the severity of the disease. The body parts can be transplanted. A blind person can get eyes, a hearing-impaired can hear, and a person without limbs can get artificial limbs. All this is possible due to the inventions of science. Furthermore, the mortality rate has been dramatically reduced in patients with fatal diseases. Man has discovered a cure for cancer. All these have become possible due to science.


Lastly, household chores are now much easier than before. Air conditioners, refrigerators, microwave ovens, sewing machines, dishwashers, grinders, and washing machines—all are the blessings of science. They have reduced the burden of housewives and relieved them of much of their toil. One can easily manage one’s household these days.


By and large, the positives of science outnumber its negatives. Apart from the blessings of science, there are many misuses, which have endangered the lives of people. But we cannot blame science as evil resides within us. We must adhere to using the inventions of science for constructive purposes rather than destructive purposes. By doing so, we can make this world a peaceful place for the coming generations.

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