Why I Love Pakistan

The association with one’s roots, homeland, and birthplace is natural to all humans. Pakistan has given us an identity, a sense of belonging, and a sense of love to all its citizens regardless of their caste, colour, or creed. Pakistan is not just a piece of land. It is the symbol of a long tale of struggle and sacrifices. It is the symbol of the world’s greatest migration for the sake of an ideology. It is the symbol of freedom, identity, and hope. It allows all Pakistanis to live according to their religious and social beliefs. It is a land that gives its citizens equal opportunities to survive and thrive. All the minorities live peacefully under the Muslim leadership. They are free to go to their mosques, their temples, and whatever places of worship they have.


I love Pakistan as a fine example of unity in diversity. Overcoming all racial, linguistic, and ethnic differences, Pakistanis have an immense love for Pakistan. Pakistanis speak different languages—Punjabi, Urdu, Sindhi, Balochi, Pushto—but they are one nation under one flag. Pakistan is a land of opportunities and a practical platform to implement the high ideals of Islam: Justice, Equality, and Freedom for everyone. It is a place that is the meeting ground of different communities. Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, and many people who follow different religious faiths co-exist peacefully here.


Pakistan is gradually assuming a cosmopolitan status in the world. People from all over the world visit Pakistan to celebrate the plurality of cultures, the richness of cultural heritage and splendour of nature. The beauty of its mountains, rivers, lakes, and gardens leaves all the people dazzled. The marvels of nature leave a lasting impression on all citizens of Pakistan and foreigners who come here for recreation. Given the rich history, cultural plurality, religious diversity and linguistic differences, Pakistan can be declared a living miracle.


We owe a lifetime gratitude to Pakistan for providing so many creative opportunities to us. We all belong to Pakistan and our hearts are Pakistanis forever. Even if we travel the whole world, our hearts will always belong to Pakistan. This is a special gift of God for all the Muslims. We should realize the worth of Pakistan and make it a dream place for the rest of the world.

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