Women’s Place in Our Society

In the days before Islam, women were treated as an inferior creature. They were deprived of their fundamental human rights and were even burnt alive. Their role in life went hardly beyond serving their men and giving birth to their children. They were restricted to their homes and were not allowed any role in social and political development of the society.  However, with the advent of Islam, they were given their fundamental rights and were bestowed with respect and dignity.


Islam has elevated the status of women all over the world. They are not subordinate entities anymore. In our society, too, the situation of women has changed a lot.  Apart from their roles as mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters, they are making valuable contribution to the social, political, and economic development of society. 


Women are still an object of scorn in the rural areas. They are considered subordinates and are not allowed to go outside without the permission of their husbands. Girls cannot marry against the will of their parents. They are restricted to only elementary education and are not encouraged to obtain higher education for which they would have to move from rural areas to urban areas. Many girls are not even permitted to obtain primary education. They help their mothers in housekeeping.


The situation in cities is a bit different where women enjoy many privileges and freedom. They can go to colleges and universities. They are even allowed to express their liking or reservation about their marriage. They can travel alone whenever they want. These women are now an active part of the corporate and educational sectors. They are serving at higher positions in public and private institutions.


Many NGOs are working in rural areas to support local women. These NGOs are striving to establish small businesses for these women and to provide education to their girls. Many international NGOs are providing psychological counselling services to women. These NGOs are also providing them with legal aid in the cases of sexual assaults and domestic violence.


The empowerment of women contributes to building a healthy society. Women play a central role in revolutionizing the thinking patterns of the society. Nowadays, men hold women in high esteem. Our society will head for betterment by elevating the status of womenfolk.

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