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A rainy day—a time to need or emergencyمشکل کی گھڑی

        He has put some money in the bank for a rainy day.


Rank and file—the ordinary members of an organization کسی ادارے کے عام کارکن

        He is popular with the rank and file of the party.

Red tape—complicated and delaying rules and regulationsسرخ فیتہ

    The funds have been delayed by red tape.

Royal road—an easy or direct way to achieve somethingآسان راستہ

    There is no royal road to success.

Rest on one’s laurels—rely on past achievementsپچھلی کامیابیوں پر قناعت کرکے بیٹھ جانا

You cannot rest on your laurels—you have to work further to advance your career.