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Take a fancy to—to develop a liking for پسند کرنا

    She has taken a fancy to Chinese cooking.


Take care of—take the responsibility for; look afterدیکھ بھال کرنا، خیال رکھنا

    Who will take care of the children when they are away?

Take into account—bear in mind ملحوظ خاطر رکھنا

        You must take his illness into account before judging his performance.

Take to heart—be affected or hurt by something کسی بات کا دکھ محسوس کرنا

        I never thought she would take my criticism to heart.

Take to one’s heels = to run away فرار ہوجانا

    Seeing the police, the thief took to his heels.

Through and through—thoroughly; completely مکمل طور پر

    He is a gentleman through and through.


Through thick and thin—through good times and bad ties اچھے بُرے حالات میں

    She stood by her husband through thick and thin.

Take to task—scold or criticize آڑے لاتھوں لینا

His boss took him to task for not finishing the report before the deadline.

Talk shop—to talk about one’s work or tradeاپنے کام یا پیشے کے بارے میں گفتگو کرنا

    At the party, they two of them kept talking shop the whole time.


To turn a deaf ear—refuse to listen or respondسنی ان سنی کرنا، دھیان نہ دینا

    He turned a deaf ear to my advice and went ahead with his plans.

Fight tooth and nail—to try very hardسر توڑ کوشش کرنا

        He fought tooth and nail to get the promotion.

Turn turtle—turn upside down اُلٹ جانا

    The car crashed into a truck and turtle.