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Ways and means—methods and resources ذرائع

        The committee is discussing the ways and means to improve profits.

Win laurels—to obtain achievements or honour کارنامےسر انجام دینا، عزت کمانا

        He has won laurels in this field.

With a view to—in order to کی خاطر

        They are renovating the house with a view to selling it for/at a good price.


With an iron hand—harshly or forcefully آہنی ہاتھ سے، جبراً

        The dictator ruled the country with an iron hand.

With open arms—in a very friendly wayوالہانہ انداز میں

        They received us with open arms.

A wolf in sheep’s clothing —a dangerous person pretending to be harmless بھیڑ کی کھال میں بھیڑیا

She thought he was kind and gentle, but he turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


Work wonders—to have a very beneficial effectانتہائی مؤثر ثابت ہونا

    This new face cream has worked wonders on her freckles.